The most effective method to expel McAfee items from a PC running Windows


This article depicts how to empty (uninstall) a McAfee Consumer thing from a PC running Windows using the standard Windows ejection steps and the McAfee MCPR instrument.

Crucial: If your McAfee thing came pre-presented on your PC:

Incite your McAfee participation before you attempt to clear your thing. This is so you keep your privilege to use the thing (license) without purchasing another participation.

Stage 1: Remove using Windows

The standard Windows ejection strategy is the best way to deal with uninstall your McAfee product(s).

Tap the association for your type of Windows. You will go to Make after Microsoft’s removal strides:

Windows 10

Windows 8, 8.1

Windows 7 or Vista

In case clearing succeeds, your McAfee things are presently ousted from your PC.

Basic: Your PC won’t ever again safeguard from diseases and malware. Assurance that you reinstall your security programming at the most punctual chance to restore protection.

In case ejection misses the mark using the standard Windows clearing procedure, go to Step 2.

Stage 2: Download and run the McAfee Consumer Product Removal gadget (MCPR)

You ought to simply use the MCPR device if the Windows ejection methods showed up above don’t work.


Persistently download another copy of MCPR before every usage.

This promises you have the latest structure, and that more exceptional McAfee things can be viably seen.

MCPR will clean up the fragments needed for reinstallation. It isn’t planned to clean up 100% of sections.

Completing this movement will require a restart.

Before you start:

Bookmark or most cherished this article with the objective that you can without a doubt hit it up.

Spare each open record.

Close all undertakings.

Download the MCPR contraption.

Twofold tap MCPR.exe.

If you see a security advised:

Snap Yes, Continue, or Run (dependent upon your type of Windows):

At the McAfee Software Removal screen:

Snap Next.

Snap Agree to recognize the End User License Agreement (EULA).

At the Security Validation screen:

Sort the characters correctly as showed up on your screen (endorsement is case-fragile).

Snap Next. This movement keeps the unintentional usage of MCPR.

Right when the system is done, you will see one of the going with messages. Tap the one that you see.

Guidelines to truly release your thing license

The above removal steps should release your thing grant with the objective that you can reinstall your item. If your grant was not released, you will see a No more licenses available message when you endeavor to reinstall. To settle this:

Go to .

Snap My Account.

Sign In using your McAfee customer account email and mystery key.

On the My Account page:

Select the tab for the PC that you need to deactivate.

Snap Deactivate in the unobtrusive components section of the picked PC.

On the Confirm deactivation, click Deactivate.

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